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A Brief History of Limo Service

Limousines have long been considered an important status symbol. Presidents, movie stars, and business tycoons rarely leave home without one, and the resulting image has put them in demand for special events like proms and weddings. If someone wants to feel special and important, we feel that one of the best ways to do that is with a limousine service. Etymology and Evolution Interestingly enough, the word “limousine” is derived from a type of cloak worn in medieval Europe. This

Need Transportation Services? Find Out Which Type You Need

So you need transportation, and you need a vehicle that fits what you have in mind. You don’t have to choose a “one size fits all” town car service. Choose a vehicle that is the perfect fit for your event. Here is a quick guide to the type of evening (or day) activity you are planning. Vintage Date Night If you want to treat your loved one to a special night out in a one-of-a-kind vehicle, why not try a

Going to the Airport? Why You Should Hire a Limo!

Generally, there are two main reasons to travel by plane: either you’re going on vacation or you’re traveling for business purposes. But why you’re going to the airport doesn’t matter as much as how you actually get there. Did you know that utilizing a limo service for that airport ride can really make a difference to your day? Let Your Vacation Start Early Airplane travel is stressful. With the ticket counter, luggage check-in, and security, it can easily take you

4 Reasons to Pick 4 Leaf Limo

Are you looking for an Austin limo service? If so, there are plenty of great companies to pick from. While there are practically more companies than you could count, 4 Leaf Limo provides the best service anywhere in Austin. Want to know what sets us apart? Keep reading to find out. 1. Most limo companies only have one or two vehicles for their customers to ride in. But with 4 Leaf Limo, you have a wide variety of choices. If you want

4 Reasons You Should Choose a Limo over a Taxi

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride in a luxurious limousine? Are you sick of bad taxi experiences? 4 Leaf Limo lists 4 reasons why riding in a limo is superior to taking a taxi. It’s All about Comfort Consider for a moment all the taxi rides you’ve taken. How comfortable is a dirty cab with little or no AC that smells like the lingering remains of the last passenger? It’s not exactly a gratifying experience. With a limousine service,

10 Occasions to Hire a Limo

When a limousine drives by, people take notice. You may wonder who the tinted window are concealing from the world. Is it an actor? A professional athlete? A politician? Why couldn’t that someone be you? Here are 10 occasions to hire a limo and enjoy all that traveling in luxury has to offer: 1. Wedding It’s one of the biggest days of your life, a day that you’ll remember for as long as you live. On top of the class

The Differences between Limos and Uber Rideshares

Over the last year, rideshare apps have been on the rise. People can turn on their phone, and with a touch of the screen, they have someone on their way to pick them up. Uber—a prominent rideshare start-up—is an alternative mode of transportation that is inexpensive and can help minimize pollution or protect you from drunk driving. But what are some of the differences between calling Uber and scheduling a limo pickup? When it comes to your next travel to