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4 Reasons You Should Choose a Limo over a Taxi

Ever wondered what it’s like to ride in a luxurious limousine? Are you sick of bad taxi experiences? 4 Leaf Limo lists 4 reasons why riding in a limo is superior to taking a taxi.

It’s All about Comfort

Consider for a moment all the taxi rides you’ve taken. How comfortable is a dirty cab with little or no AC that smells like the lingering remains of the last passenger? It’s not exactly a gratifying experience. With a limousine service, the comfort is top notch. Not only will the cabin be spacious with plenty of leg room, you’ll also be able to listen to your own music by hooking up your iPod or iPhone, enjoy refreshing chilled water, and have full climate-control access. Relax, sit back, and lounge in the plush leather interior when you choose to ride in comfort and style with a limousine service.

More Bang for Your Buck

Most people assume taking a taxi is less expensive than a limousine. This is not necessarily true. More and more folks are turning to limousine services because the rates are actually similar in price to a taxi service. As an added perk, some limo services offer a frequent rider program so you can earn points for every ride. And even if the prices end up being a little more, chances are, when you are stressed about getting to the airport on time, you would be willing to pay 5, 10, or even 15% more for a comfortable and more reliable ride. A limousine service can do this for you.

First-Class Service

How many times have you put up with rude taxi drivers who are late, honk their horns repeatedly, and swerve nauseatingly through traffic? The worst is when you’re expected to actually tip them for lousy, mediocre service. At a limousine service, you can expect red-carpet service every time. A professional chauffeur will be dressed in business attire, will be polite if not extra attentive to your comfort, will be trained in safety programs, and will take the extra care to make your experience one of luxury and class.

Perfect for Special Occasions

Ready to feel like a star for a day? When you have a special occasion there is nothing more satisfying than cruising around in extravagant style. Feel like Marilyn Monroe as you are chauffeured to your wedding in a classy, ’62 Lincoln Convertible complete with an elegant, white interior and suicide doors, or party with your friends in an opulent stretch limousine on the way to prom. Whatever your special event, you’ll be sure to turn heads as your personal limo rolls in!

Whether you need transportation to the airport, are looking for a stylish lift to your 30th wedding anniversary, or simply want to ride in a polished and chic-looking limousine for an evening, a limo service will be your best bet every time. Contact 4 Leaf Limo for a lavish ride you won’t forget!

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